Russian Trolls: Proposal #2

This dataset released by NBC on Feb. 14 contains 200K tweets from Russian Trolls:


Interesting Dataset; Beginner Tutorial


  1. Create a beginner tutorial on topic modeling
  2. Tutorial on predicting number of retweets(Caveats: Very hard to predict)


  1. Proposal #1 :Use FreqDist to show most frequent words; Use t-SNE to visualize clustering
  2. Proposal #2: Use Regression visualizers

In [1]:
import pandas as pd
In [2]:
df = pd.read_csv('tweets.csv.xz', dtype={'user_id': object, 
                                         'created_at': object,
                                         'tweet_id': object})
In [3]:
df[['user_key', 'retweet_count', 'text']].head()
df[~df.retweet_count.isna()][['user_key', 'retweet_count',
user_key retweet_count text expanded_urls
1 detroitdailynew 0.0 Clinton: Trump should’ve apologized more, atta... [""]
8 ameliebaldwin 0.0 RT @AriaWilsonGOP: 3 Women Face Charges After ... [""]
13 pamela_moore13 138.0 Dave Chappelle: "Black Lives Matter" is the wo... []
16 pamela_moore13 592.0 The war is here! \nThis gentleman made more se... []
20 kansasdailynews 0.0 Obama on Trump winning: 'Anything's possible' ... [""]
In [4]:
'Clinton: Trump should’ve apologized more, attacked less'

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